Thank You! — by Jesse

The past eight days for me have been quite … emotional. First, I took a 21-mile day-hike to ascend Half Dome at Yosemite National Park this past week after being invited to be part of Pastor Steve Lummer’s Outdoor Nations Ministry Network trip. The experience was incredibly difficult to do (I need to lose weight) but nonetheless amazing!

ThankYou1_JQuiroz ThankYou2_JQuiroz ThankYou3_JQuiroz

And this past weekend, Journey Church turned 6 YEARS OLD! It’s hard to believe that six years can literally go by feeling like six short days. But, it HAS been six years, and I cannot seem to put words to the gratitude that is in my heart toward God for allowing my family and me to be part of a group of people like Journey Church. (I’ve literally stared at a blinking cursor for an hour seeking ways to type out what is being felt in my heart).

ThankYou4_JQuiroz ThankYou5_JQuiroz ThankYou6_JQuiroz

All I can really come up with is … thank you.

THANK YOU to my God for allowing me to have the life I have.

THANK YOU to the leaders in my life who push me to go distances I often cannot see myself being able to go. We all need them, all the time.

THANK YOU to the church around my life that is the raw definition of the ‘family of God’ who bring my life such blessing that I tear up as I even type the words.

THANK YOU to my wife and children who LITERALLY are my heroes.

Thank you. They are two small words that can go a really long way in verbally expressing these emotions of appreciation, gratefulness and indebtedness we often feel when we find ourselves blessed.

I encourage you to go and find the ‘YOU’ that needs to be ‘THANKED’ in your life today and just express those two words to them, because I’m certain if you looked around your life right now, you could EASILY find the REASONS you are blessed – and those reasons deserve the honor of hearing from our hearts, plus it feels REALLY GOOD getting it out! 😉

‘Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.’
1 Thessalonians 5:18 ESV


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