Summer Plans — by Angel

Summer2_LayherSummer has begun, now what do you want to do??

Summer Break has officially begun for the students all around Troy and Lincoln County. In my family, we always have a gazillion things we want to do and then by week three we are at a lost. “What do you want to do?” now becomes the question of the day.

So, in an effort to help your family (and mine), I have made a list of options. Some cost money, some do not. Either way, I hope each of you take time to enjoy the summer. Enjoy the warm weather. Enjoy the time you get to spend together. Summer break will be over quickly than we like. So, take time to make some memories this summer.

Turn your home into the perfect StayCation or get away for the weekend. Whatever you choice, remember to slow down and enjoy the summer sun and remember your sunblock.

  • A fun and different restaurant: Cheeseology in the Loop – it has every kind of Mac N Cheese you could think of!
  • Grant’s Farm – fun for families, especially with little ones
  • Louis Zoo — free and amazing, take a picnic and enjoy the day
  • Elephant Rock — for a day of climbing and be outdoors
  • Klondike Park on Hwy 94 — free, great for picnics and walks
  • The Katy Trail — bring or rent a bike and take a ride on the trail, and enjoy several shops along the route
  • Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor
  • Raging Rivers waterpark — take the ferry over for an added experience
  • Visit the library in St. Charles county for fun reading programs
  • The Gateway Arch
  • The Brewery in St. Louis — free tours and appropriate for families of all ages
  • Cuivre River State Park – hike, go to the “beach,” kayak
  • Creve Coeur Park
  • Journey Church Hotspots! (shameless plug)
  • Charles Riverfront — several festivals throughout the summer, or take a walk and window shop
  • Build an obstacle course out of items around your house and time each person going through it
  • Invent a new recipe
  • Putt-putt golf in St. Charles

Whatever you choose, I hope you have a blast and enjoy the people around your life while doing it.


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