Parenting ANOTHER Teenager — by Missy

Javan_MQuirozThis Thursday, May 22, our family is excited to celebrate Javan Quiroz turning 13. It marks him officially stepping into the teenage years; he is excited and I am scared.

I know these years (even though he is still young) are important in shaping who and what he does as an adult. That’s why Jesse and I have always prayed and had many talks with our boys about them finding God on their own.

I know that with Javan hearing about God and church so much, it’s sometimes hard to see how great the God life truly is. So I know as a parent if I can get Javan to seek out God for himself and to grow his personal relationship with God then I am confident he will learn to do this walk on his own as he leans more and more on God.

Javan is an amazing person and although it’s scary to let go as a parent and watch him make decisions for his life, I see him willing and wanting to follow the steps that God would want him to make and that excites me. As a parent, it’s a rewarding feeling to see my son, a direct result of my focused energy for the past 13 years.

To me the results are even better than I could have imagined and I am so very proud of him!


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