The Deal is Surreal — by Tim

JourneyOneCD_OverstreetYou never know how God will use you, and most of the time you don’t get to see the effect of what you are doing with your life. Other times, God will show you the impact of what you do in real life, played out right before your eyes.

Yesterday, Pastor Jesse and I had the privilege of ministering to the women of BFA (Beauty For Ashes ministry) at the Vandalia prison. I can tell you the first time I walked into that prison more than two years ago, I was intimidated; I had never stepped foot into a prison before and the idea of being surrounded by criminals kind of put me on edge. I mean, what if there are murders in there?

God transforms lives, frees hearts, mends relationships and takes the load off our shoulders if we just let him. I saw all of that yesterday in the BFA wing of the prison. Freedom in a prison! These women worshiped freely giving praise to our God, it was crazy!

Before we left, the ladies wanted to show us a sign choir they have been working on. (They put sign language to different songs.) The song they choose was “Like A Lion,” and they were doing it to Journey’s version from last year’s Journey One CD. I had the privilege to watch as they worshiped through signing to a song we recorded at the last year’s Journey One service.

God showed me the fruit of our labor, and I almost could not hold it in. Here I am standing in a prison watching these women practicing to show the love of Jesus to inmates around them while listening to myself sing from the CD they were rehearsing to! That was a very surreal feeling and one I will remember for the rest of my life.

Just because you can’t see what you’re doing affecting lives doesn’t mean that it isn’t; be confident in knowing that it is. God will use you; you just have to let him. I am writing this with small tears in my eyes.

Thank you, LORD, for allowing us to be your hands and feet and sending Your Holy Spirit to work through us.


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