Subject to Change — by Danny


What do you see in this picture … a young lady or an old woman?

I hold very few absolute truths in my life. I am not a black and white kind of person. I am grey or am I gray, either way you get it. What I believe about most people and objects is subject to change. I feel when we get so concerned about being ‘right’ we miss the point. Christians are notorious for this. We get hung up on this one staple item that we will not be moved on, and then we put whoever believes differently in a box they are unable to ever get out of. Instead we should have a discussion about it. I think it is because sometimes we are afraid we are wrong.

When we are unsure about what we believe, uncertainty can give fear a foothold in our heart. Fear can manipulate us into closing our mind. We will put on blinders that allow us to see only what we want on a subject. We will then recite the out-of-context scriptures that back our perspectives using it as some absolute truth. If we take scripture and use it out of context then we remove truth from it. When we remove truth, you are no longer discussing for the betterment of those involved. Now we are battling the selfish war of I’m right and you’re wrong.

Always being absolutely right leads to isolation. We will drive curious people away. Our job as Christians is not to defend Christ and lash out in His name but to be like Him and have patience with those that see the world differently. God is our defender, not the other way around. We are merely vessels to portray Him to the world. The only events in which I remember Christ arguing theology in the Bible are against the over-religious crowds or those posing to be what they are not. Civil discussions can be powerful things, but we have to be able to listen also.

When we isolate ourselves we put others in boxes. Boxes in which there is no escape. If you are so sure of your beliefs then your beliefs should be able to stand up to a little discussion without affecting the view you have of the other person. I have a ton of GREAT friends who see the world totally different from the way I see it. Yet, we can still have honest discussions and help each other become better people.

My friend who edits this blog is a black-and-white kind of guy, but he is one of my best friends. We disagree about pretty much everything, but rarely (if ever) fight. Our discussions from differing perspectives come down to mutual respect. We as Christians should respect all people even those that do not agree with us. This does not mean we abandon the things we hold as truth. If it is truth, it will withstand the fire of facts and discussion.

My absolute truths are as follows: Sin leads to a life of emptiness and destruction to go along with an eternity away from THE Creator. God our creator allowed His son, Jesus, to sacrifice himself so that we could connect with Him now and forever. God provided us with a user manual to help us get through this life and to the next called The Bible.

These are the truths you will NEVER prove wrong in my heart. Not so much because of facts and evidence found throughout history (which is nearly indisputable anyway), but because of my relationship before and after I found Jesus. Everything else is … well, subject to change.


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