What is Worship? — by Tim

CharacterWorship_OverstreetI have struggled with worship my whole life. Let me explain.

My folks took pride in showing us kids the way, and I am so thankful for that! I was raised in a Christian home where values were instilled daily. I remember going to church all the time; Dad would drive his ‘68 Chevy pickup and grab mulch in the summer time to make the church grounds look good. My parents served the church, its people and worshiped God through it all.

But what about other types of worship?

I’ve always been interested in worship. I’ve seen people shake uncontrollably, laugh so much that they almost pass out; I’ve even seen people “fall out” under the Spirit and recite all the vowels in the alphabet about a million times before throwing an imaginary fireball filled with the Holy Spirit! I’m not being critical of how others worship because I’ve done that before, but it hinders my ability to worship Jesus. So I’d rather not go down that road again. I want us to think about what is true worship and what does that really look like?

I was in a worship service last Wednesday at Bethel Church’s School of Ministry while visiting my folks in California, and to my surprise I saw some of the above happening in their worship service. I had to stop looking around because my focus became people around me instead of worshiping Jesus. I closed my eyes and started smiling, thinking of God’s love for me. I raised my arms in surrender and started crying like a baby.

The song was over and I wiped my eyes, wanting to see how the musicians would transition into the next song. What I saw when I opened up my eyes made me lose it even more … there right in front of me was my Mom sitting down with her hands on her knees praying and my Dad with his arms up still singing quietly in worship with a smile on his face. I started looking around the room, and I saw joy on people faces. Almost like when you’re at the airport and you see a loved one you haven’t held in so long. It’s an uncontrollable smile that cannot be contained, a feeling of true love; it’s a feeling of I want to get to that person as quick as possible.

I want to worship God wholeheartedly; I don’t want to hold back. So what does true worship look like then? For me, it is God and me, surrendering my life, living in love … understanding that I have been adopted by grace. True Worship is the way I live my life; it is not just when I’m around a stage and a group of people with instruments. I want to worship in spirit and truth. Truth being genuine, and spirit being connecting with Jesus. Check out these verses: John 4: 23-24.

I love Bethel Church, though I may not understand why people worship the way they do. But I do know for a fact that people are connecting with Jesus and that is the goal! I can’t wait to visit again.


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One thought on “What is Worship? — by Tim

  1. Bro, seriously…my eyes filled with water and salt. I can feel the genuine heart of someone who knows God. Thank you for sharing. I love you brother.

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