Why I’d Go to Youth Camp — by Jake

RISEblob_LawrenceIf only it were so easy on us adults. We have jobs, kids, bills, responsibilities. We cannot just scrap a paycheck to leave home for a week to hang out with a couple hundred other adults. We’d have to work really hard when we returned if we took five days off to run around in the sun, play endless amounts of kickball, go zip lining, and launch ourselves off a ‘blob’ 40 feet into the air over a lake. That’s our reality. The majority of us do not get released into the nothingness of a summer break.

Teenagers do, though. Their reality is that come mid-May they get about three months to recoup from a school year’s worth of essay writing, diorama building, science projects and book reports. To us hard-working adults, all that seems hardly deserving of such a long respite. But that’s the system. We all relished in that season of staying up late and sleeping in when we were that age, so let’s not begrudge them their time.

That being said, we can all acknowledge that so much time off, so much freedom can offer unlimited opportunities. Job opportunities, sport camps and family trips are a great thing for any student to be involved in. If I were a teenager, though, I’d go to youth camp.

I’d go to youth camp to take advantage of all those activities I mentioned earlier. In the middle of summer, youth camp would give me five days to get away from home where I’ve been cooped up for weeks. Also, while all the games and new friends I’d make would be more than worth it, I’d get a chance to focus on Jesus and feed my faith. Of course, I can do that at home, at youth group each week, but there’s something that sounds so refreshing about carving a week out of my summer to re-energize my walk with my creator.

I’m sure I’d come back with a different attitude. I believe I would pick up a thing or two from the camp speaker that would take my faith to another level. I’d go to youth camp for all that. My hope would be that my parents or grandparents, an aunt or uncle, a neighbor or friend would encourage me to go. Then I’d know that there were others around me who supported me. Someone who wanted to see me get more out of summer than a few extra bucks or a nice tan.

I’d definitely go to youth camp.


For more info on how to attend RISE Youth Camp with other Journey Youths, contact Jake or his awesome wife, Nancy. They will definitely get you connected.

Friend Jake on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @cjakelawrence
Follow Journey Church on Twitter @Journey_MO


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