We’re Having a BABY! — by Jesse

Baby_JQuirozAs you may or may not have heard … the Quiroz crew is expecting child No. 3 this fall (September 26 to be exact). We’re a little blown away to say the least as we were not expecting to have any more kiddos! But the more we think about it, the more excited and anxious we are to get to be able to welcome this ‘new kid’ on our block! And this time around, we’ll have some help as Micah will be 15 and Javan 13, meaning our village of four will be raising this child together!

As is the trend around this time (Missy is 14 weeks pregnant), we’ve been toying around in prayer with names and have a few in mind, and thought we’d let you know. If it’s a boy, Judah (meaning ‘to praise’) sits at the top of the list currently with some other names in close 2nd and 3rd place spots. If it’s a girl (which 95 percent of everyone we talk to predicts it will be), Aisha (pronounced just like the continent of Asia, meaning ‘alive’) seems to be trumping the top spot of the female list.

We find out at the very end of this month what the gender of our baby will be and once we do, we’ll MOST DEFINITELY let you know … we cannot WAIT!

We were able to share this news recently with our church family and the RIDICULOUS amount of love and support that was shown to our family was enough to bring tears to my eyes. From the cheers heard on the platform to the hugs in the lobby along with the many congratulations we received from hundreds of people, it gave Missy and I such a grateful heart that we are able to raise this new life inside of such a community of faith that surrounds our home!

We love you all SO MUCH and are thankful to each of you for your prayers and support toward our expanding home!


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One thought on “We’re Having a BABY! — by Jesse

  1. This was an amazing thing to hear! A couple weeks back I had thoughts of a baby to come, ODD and from no ware knew it was not me and thought it could be another family I have been praying for, or a close friend and thought well I will wait and see… well made me 🙂 love the name choices!

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