Majestic Views — by Tom

MajesticView_McCrackenI used to live on a road named Majestic View in Lampe, Missouri.


What draws me back to the mountains? Is it the beauty? Is it because they are gorgeous? Is it the challenge? Is it the overall sense of potential imminent danger? What is the source of the attraction? And, isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? Doesn’t everybody argue about the best vacation spot?

Reviewing my Dropbox account revealed a disproportionate number of mountain pictures. (I even tried to make a separate folder of “mountains” and was overwhelmed before I got even halfway there.) Building log cabins in the mountains. Hiking along alpine trails. Even just sitting and watching the views always put me in different frame of mind. Why? Why do mountains hold such fascination and intrigue?


This panorama from the top of a ski run in Colorado almost inspires.

Then, the other morning during Spring Break, while sitting in Missouri and not Colorado, since I had already gone to Colorado for a ski trip this year, I noticed a possible answer. Psalm 76:4 claims about the Lord, “You are more glorious and majestic than the everlasting mountains.”

There it is; a brief but specific feature of our Lord. I began to wonder why use both terms but since we seldom use those in our common vernacular, I Googled them. The mountains are used to form a stepping stone for us to describe God. He is not like the mountains but better. He starts from the biggest and best and most beautiful thing the ancients would have recognized and took it to another level.

Defined as “having, worthy of, or bringing fame or admiration” or “having a striking beauty or spender that evokes feelings of delighted admiration.” Of course the mountains do this when we look at them or their pictures but to think of God in these terms? Really?

Googled it and I uncovered “having or showing impressive beauty or dignity.” It was when reading the synonyms that I was duly impressed: palatial, monumental, awe-inspiring and that’s just to name a few.

It seemed like I was not giving God enough credit. I was selling Him short. I just thought he was pretty good. I just thought he was “up there” ranked with other cool things in this world. I though of Him as my “go to” guy. But in fact, it is written, he is more, better than, far greater than the best we have!

He is essentially saying to us, “Think of your best view, picture, art, sunset, scene or whatever and know that I am better!” We look to the mountains as a favorite vacation destination. Do we look to Him as a favorite destination, location, place or objective? Maybe it is a good thing I am from the Show-Me state. I must see something like these mountains to remind me of the splendor of God.

Thanks for letting me share.


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