Somebody Honor Somebody — by Jake

GoofyFaces_LawrenceThis is a eulogy.

I looked up the definition of eulogy so that I wouldn’t misuse the term. Yes, we normally attribute the word to a speech given at a funeral in honor of the deceased, but the word itself is derived from simply means “praise.”

This eulogy is for Kory Kimbrell. He is neither dead nor dying; he is very much alive. But an entire community (including me) is losing him and his family. Kory, Amy, Zoe and Jaxon have been an incredible part of our Journey Church family since nearly the beginning of it. As much of an inspiration that they have been to so many people during their time here through the tireless work they have put in, the idea that they are pulling up their roots here to follow a clear calling from God is just as impressive.

I have gotten to work very close with Kory. Journey Youth would not be what it is today if not for his sacrifices. He gave up a comfortable career to pursue teenagers instead of financial security. That is hardly an easy thing to do; it is crazy, even. But he did it with unmatched passion … pretty much like he does everything.

On a personal level, I love this guy like a brother. We talk like brothers. Laugh together like brothers. We hug like brothers (‘cause brothers don’t shake hands.) We’ve even fought like brothers. Like my actual brothers, though, no matter what happens I know I can depend on this guy still being there, available.

So even as he goes away, I know the evidence of our relationship and his work will still be here. Distance doesn’t matter to family.

Plus we have Facebook now, so …


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