Spring Break Bucket List — by Jamie

BucketList_WrayI know it’s snowing today and when you woke up this morning, you probably were not thinking about green grass, flowers and the sweet warmth of the sun. (You remember the sun, don’t you?)

If your kiddo goes to a Lincoln County school, then Spring Break is March 9-13. I don’t know about you, but that’s creeping up fast on my calendar.

Spring Break at the Wray home is never a really fun or exciting time. My husband and I are working parents and the last time I checked, working parents don’t get a Spring Break. In the past, this entire week has consisted with my kiddos going to lots of meetings where they have to be quiet, sit down and behave. (You know, all the stuff that kids just love to do … NOT.)

I wish I could tell you my kids were angels and that they always listened and were forever thoughtful and harmonious with one another. But most of you have met my family and would call me out on my exaggeration of their goodness. So, as I am sure you can imagine, historically this Spring Break week involves them getting on each other’s nerves, fighting, making a mess and STRESSING me OUT!

I am done! This is the year I take back Spring Break! I am determined not to dread this time and make it a success! I know every parent is on the edge of their seat right now, screaming at the computer, “How, How, How”?!?!

Here’s how. I devised a plan that the United States Department of Defense would envy … and it is … a bucket list! Yes, a Bucket List of fun and amazing activities, games and boredom busters for every child I have. I really believe in this, and I know it will help (if not totally fix) the Spring Break issues we have had in the past. It took some planning but we are all excited about it.

See the links below for Spring Break Bucket List ideas for your family. Parents, don’t let this week go by and let you kids spend the entire time being bored. Be intentional and give the kids something to do.

A few things on our bucket list:

— Glow in the dark Hide and seek
— Mud fight (weather permitting)
— Scavenger Hunt
— Find the biggest hill we can and roll down it!
— Sumo bowling
— Give each other tattoos (temporary ones)

You get the idea. Anything fun that you and your kids want to do or have always wanted to do. Remember to keep it fun and enjoy Spring Break 2015.


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