Let It Snow … — by Steve

Snow_MillerAs we look out our windows all around the Midwest today, what do we see? It’s white everywhere. That’s right, it’s snow. But HOW we see it is incredibly different from person to person.

To my mind’s eye, I see snow as beautiful and incredible, fun and fluffy, excitement and enjoyment all rolled into one. I LOVE the snow! Always have and always will. But others see it in an entirely different light. They see it as ugly and dangerous, stupid and inconvenient, a nuisance, a terrible interruption to their daily routine. They HATE the snow! Neither side can imagine how the other sees snow in the opposite way. We think to ourselves about the other side: “How can you possibly think that way?!”

I’m not going to try and convince you why snow is awesome (which it is, by the way) because we’d never end the conversation. It’s likely that neither of us ever be swayed to the other way of thinking. But what I am going to propose is that we look at snow as an example of other things in our life that aren’t so simple.

Every person can come up with multiple things in their own personal life that they likely think are just fine while others could look at them and say, “No so fast there, Buster.” I’ll use my own life as an example. Much like snow, I love football. I spend hours watching it, reading about it, studying the players, planning my fantasy teams and so on. I think that’s all perfectly fine. But my wife, Sandy, on the other hand; she’s thinks I’m a freak. It has led to some “spirited debates” let’s say.

Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with football. It won’t ruin my life if left unchecked. But, however, it can get my life out of balance. If I spend too much time on it and let it rule me, it can be a detriment to my well-being (Sandy said so.) The same can be said of any of us. What thing in your life is taking too great of a place of prominence? What are you worshiping that sometimes can take the place of your family, your finances, your health or maybe even God?

Psalm 51:6-7
Isaiah 1:18

Balance friends. It’s important to your life. While you consider your own life and where you can be more balanced … just look out the window at the snow. It is Beautiful. God covers you just like it blankets the ground. That should make us feel pretty darn good.


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