I’ll Fly Away — by Tim

Bird_OverstreetWhat is a song?

I view a song as a piece of art, much like a painting. The lyrics can move you emotionally. Then there is the music that accompanies the lyrics that can push you the completely opposite way. I love it when I hear an artist that can put their emotions into a piece of music and make it so transparent to the listener.

In the Bible, we are commanded to worship and by worshiping we are the “artist” making music singing and praising. So are our emotions transparent to Jesus or are we just singing the words to get by on a Sunday morning?

Read Ephesians 5:18-21.

My goal, my heart’s desire is when I lead worship anywhere or even when I’m in my living room is to make how I feel transparent to everyone around me because God deserves my best, and I desperately want to connect with Him.

Take a listen to this song written by Albert E. Brumley. It is so awesome how he describes his thoughts and feelings. Alison Krauss does a great job of conveying Albert’s feelings.



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