Many MEs — by Jake

ParkingLotBoys_Lawrence“The signs of outstanding leadership appear primarily among the followers.” — Max Depree

Let’s assume the word ‘leadership’ here applies to any and all of our situations … whether it’s leadership through parenting, coaching, managing and so on. We all have influence over somebody or somebodies. Influence is a powerful thing.

Looking at my two sons’, for example, I am constantly reminded that I carry enormous influence over these human beings. They are ages 6 and 9, so they are at the pinnacle of impressionability. Not only have these two inherited my physical traits and habits naturally (watch the six-year-old walk on his toes, that’s from me), they are increasingly showing signs of both the attitude I carry and the desires that I show.

I must say, sometimes this is not a flattering thing. While it’s cute and all that they want to “fix lights like Daddy does at his job,” I get the total opposite feeling when they overreact when something doesn’t go their way (also from me.) So it’s in those moments I must step back and realize that is a learned response.

I want my boys to be passionate about the right things. I want my family to have a leader they can trust. I would love to see the teenagers I get to spend so much time with develop a passion for the dreams God gives them.

For that to happen I must constantly realize how my conduct affects them – through both words and actions. I get the privilege to be an example to so many people, an honor that I take very seriously.

You should, too. We all have people watching us; looking up to us. Take charge of the type of influence you put out. Someday you are going to turn around and see a version of yourself that you created. Let’s make it a version we’re proud of.


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