Lampshades on Fire — by Danny

Lampshade_BrooksThe last thing that happens in my bedroom every night is the lamp getting turned off. This signals the end of the work day. I am finding that a lot of us are getting a lot of work done lying in our beds typing on a computer, reading a document or watching a video. I feel like bedrooms are becoming more like second offices rather than what they should be, which is a sanctuary for connection and relaxation.

I am as guilty as the next guy of getting that last item checked off my to-do list in bed or scrolling through Facebook threads one last time. We need to make sure to not intoxicate our sanctuary with infections of this life. I want to put a challenge out there. Let’s spend “bedtime” as it should be connecting, whether that means connecting with your spouse or connecting with your first love, Jesus. We need to have a place in this world to escape … well, to escape from the world.

To my single friends: use your bedroom as a sanctuary for your prayer time and worship time. Set up a great routine for falling in love with God every day. It is amazing what happens when you take the stress out of your bedroom. It really does become a serene place with the clutter removed. It is also a little more difficult to fall to temptations in the same place that you set apart for God.

To my married friends: use your bedroom as sanctuary for your prayer time and your worship time together. You thought I was going to start with something else? Single or married, it doesn’t really matter because Jesus should be your first love. Keep the bills out of there. Keep work out of there. Leave the family stress at the door. We need a getaway place.

Start communicating about the two of you. Start to investigate each other like you did when you dated, emotionally and physically. It is time to let the lampshades cool off and start heating up some sheets. That means little cuddle time, snuggle time, back and foot-rub time (non-sexual touch is important, too), some make-out time, and then yes, that’s right, it’s time for sex. Enjoy each other! Guarantee it will be more fulfilling than that remark so and so posted to your wall.


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