I Cried During the Super Bowl — by Jesse

It’s all in the SBCommercials_Quiroztitle of this blog, and right now I probably have a line of 500 dudes outside of my office ready to REVOKE my Man Card. But, is it just me, or did EVERY OTHER commercial during this year’s Super Bowl seemed specifically designed to make you cry?! From the Nationwide Insurance ‘Make Safe Happen’ commercial (the one with the boy who never had a chance to grow up) to the ‘Pay with Lovin’ commercial by McDonald’s (where all the Dad had to do for a Cheeseburger was hug his boy) to the Nissan ‘With Dad’ commercial to the Dove commercials – I was crying … and I don’t care who knows it!? Heck, I think I even lost it when I saw the Budweiser puppy come back home to the farm! I think pastoring a church has completely ruined my abilities to hold back tears, because 15 years ago, I could’ve watched ALL of those commercials and my eyes would have been dryer than the Sahara Desert. As a matter of fact, I know that’s what it is, pastoring has made me soft! I cry all the time now! But don’t get me wrong here – I don’t cry for the sake of crying … it’s this thing called ‘compassion’ and ‘love’ that seems to be getting the better of me now. ANYTHING that tries to bring people together or promotes someone helping someone pulls on my heart, big time. One thing I’ve learned since becoming a pastor, particularly a pastor of church that has so many different kinds of people in it … is that LOVE is the ONLY way this world will EVER be changed! We can CHANGE THE WORLD if we would realize the power that can happen if we would just come together and celebrate each other, instead of finding reasons to set ourselves a part from one another. Right? I mean, dang, I’m so passionate about this, I’m ready to start singing ‘We are the world, we are the children.’ RIGHT NOW! You would think the church in the world today would have this down pat, but even we struggle with this very simple command from our Creator. “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8 (ESV) The fact of the matter is we all fail at this, and every possible reminder that we can receive to show and display the damage that can done when we divide is a great thing, and that’s why I am giving two enthusiastic Brian Regan-sized THUMBS UP to this year’s Super Bowl Commercials! This Coke Ad (YouTube link below) says it all; check it out! And no, I don’t believe a dark, carbonated, High-Fructose Corn ‘Syrupy’ drink can change the world, but the message they leave us sure can.

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