Matching Socks! — by Jamie

Socks_WrayI am running late! All 150 of my children are ready to go and get our very busy day started (all thanks to Mom), and I out of everyone am the only person who is not ready to walk out the door. This is a frustrating situation to say the least because I know that I am making everyone late and it is my fault.

I will not get away with blaming our lateness on anyone else. Not because I don’t want to; I just know that one of the kids will call me out when I try, so it’s just not a good idea and can make for a very uncomfortable situation.

So, back to being late. I am late because I am looking for a pair of matching socks. I know, this does not seem important and you are probably wondering, “Why on earth can’t she find a pair of socks in her sock drawer?” Well, let me tell you why. It’s because I don’t mate the socks in my house. I provide my family with two community sock baskets that are centrally locked in our home office. (Where else would a community sock basket be kept?)

There was a point in my life where I embraced the mismatched sock situation. It didn’t matter; socks were socks. One could be ankle length and one be a tube sock … I didn’t care. I was rolling out! However, according to my children, I am now just OLD and that’s why I want my socks to match. I strongly disagree! I am not old; I am just becoming mature … or so I would like to think.

So my sock experience has left me with a question. Does participating in “grown-up things” (such as matching socks) mean that you are finally OLD? And how many of us like matching socks? I must settle this disagreement between myself and the heathen children that insist I am old as dirt. PLEASE VOTE BELOW!!


Thanks for your help!


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