What the Funk? — by Steve

Man Sitting In ValleyFunky Town … you know the place. We’ve all been there a few times during our life. It’s that place where we sometimes go when it seems the whole world is crashing in on us. Work stinks. I’m broke. My spouse isn’t responsive. Friends don’t care about my situation, or at least not enough. My mood stinks and I just can’t seem to “shake it off.” Know what I mean? Anybody … ?

I know you know what I’m talking about. It is during these very dark times in our lives that it is the most important to stay the course, to press in to God, to do what must be done to get through … especially when everything in me says to give up. Easier said than done, right? But the real question is how … and why. Giving up just seems to make SO much sense.

It may not be the whole answer, but here are a few tips to help you put the first foot forward toward a full and healthy recovery.

Deny the Lie – Whatever bad things are rolling around in your head, 99 percent of them are lies. And if they aren’t lies, you are choosing to believe a perception that highlights the bad and totally discounts the good. Believe the best … about you, about others, about life. See you how God sees you.

Embrace the Grace – God has incredible plans for your life … vision, goals, dreams and desires. Believe it. He does. The first step into that next level of life is accepting that where you are now is not where you are supposed to stay. His grace is sufficient to help you get to a whole ‘notha level.

Run to Fun – What you say? Life is too short to spend it being Mr./Mrs. No Fun. Choose joy. Find something that benefits your spirit and brings a smile to your face, and spend some time doing that. Watch a sunset. Have coffee with an old friend. Read a book. Call your Mom. Whatever. You know what it is.

And finally, know that you are not alone. If you don’t have anywhere else or anyone else to turn to, you have Jesus and me. The people of Journey are here to help you find your God-shaped dream and purpose. Here’s to helping you find it.


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One thought on “What the Funk? — by Steve

  1. Good word bro’! Thanks. Sometimes it’s easier to put our heart on paper. You have such a tender and loving heart, but cover it up with a personality that says something else. More and more as you experience God’s tenderness and love, your body will have to let the Spirit in you to explode! Whoa dude, it’s gonna be awesome!! Love you bro

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