Embrace the Interruption — by Tim

Interruption_OverstreetI should be working on the Journey Church worship schedule for February right now, but I have some worship music playing in my headphones and felt compelled to write.

I want you to feel what I am feeling at this very moment because I am overwhelmed … not by work but by what is happening in my heart and mind. I am not on an emotional roller coaster right now. I am sitting in the presence of my God.

The words that are being sung into my ears right now are by Amanda Cook and William Mathews during a worship set at Bethel Church.


Words are so powerful; what is being sung is so simple but it is tearing through me. I am sitting in the media booth at Journey right now listening to two people sing “I am yours and you are mine, this is what you had in mind the whole time.” I have tears rolling down my face and at times I have lifted my hands in the air to our Jesus in worship. It is like I have been dunked into a tank of love and God is surrounding me.

My Marvelous Lord
My Creator
My Friend
My God at all times
You are overwhelming in love
This is real
You chose me
I am yours
You are mine
This is what you had in mind
The whole time!

Let God ignite your heart. Let the one who has had you in mind this whole time free you completely. Don’t get stuck in religion … be free and live. It’s a fun, wild ride and makes me smile uncontrollably.

I pray that when people come to Journey church they don’t have a church experience; I pray they have an encounter with our God.


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