To the Ends of the Earth — by Danny

EndsOfTheEarth_BrooksThe question is not how far will He come to meet us; it is How far will we take Him when we find Him?

He will go to the ends of the Earth for you. He literally turned away time in Heaven for you. Yet, when it comes time to show the world He gets left at home … not our home, but that which we perceive to be His home.

I’m going to keep this short … and I will even include pictures to make it SUPER FUN!

Jesus went through everything He went through so that you and I could not only meet Him in heaven, but also have an enjoyable life down here on Earth. The problem is we do not incorporate Him in the rest of our life but we expect Him to make the rest of our life work out.



We leave Him at church and wonder why our life is not all that we dreamed it would be. Being linked with Christ is an all-day everyday thing. If you want Him to impact the life around you all you have to do is allow Him to walk with you.



Let the Holy Spirit guide you on issues with your kids and wife. Bring your praise reports and concerns to God through prayer. Read your Bible for guidance.



We say, “Why can I not get any traction at work?” We feel as though we are spinning our wheels. We think, “Is this where I am supposed to be? Is there something out there more fulfilling?” Bring these questions to God! Seek His wisdom. As Kory said in his blog a couple days ago, God IS Awesome. He wants to fill your life with fulfilling things and your job is one of them. Let Him be involved in the process and you will not be disappointed!


He is waiting arms in anticipation to participate in every aspect of your life. He will roll with you to the ends of the Earth if you let Him.


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