Everything is Awesome — by Kory

awesomeAwesome! You’re awesome! He’s awesome! She’s awesome! This is awesome! That was awesome! Everything is awesome, right? Well, isn’t it? Awesome has to be one of the most overused words in our language. So much so that it has lost its meaning. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary “awesome” is defined as, “causing feelings of fear and wonder: causing feelings of awe” or “extremely good.”

Now, knowing the definition of awesome, can we say everything is awesome; or that anything we typically call awesome is actually awesome?

I mean, we can all kind of sense something is wrong, can’t we? One need only to scroll through the internet headlines, watch the evening news or even look out the front door to know something is just not quite right. We have kids killing kids, young boys and girls being sold into sex slavery, broken homes, drug use and abuse, domestic violence, suicide and self-harm. The list could go on and on for a long time and there is no shortage of finger-pointers when it comes to finding fault for why things are the way they are. There are issues going on, though, that are deeper than the symptoms most people are able to identify.

There is also no shortage of suggested solutions to fix all of these problems. We got gun-control, raise taxes, lower taxes, more government programs, we need this person or that person in this particular political office. It’s the environment, education, economy, immigration, law enforcement, etc. The suggested solutions are as numerous as the problems.

To truly begin taking steps toward the real remedy, we have to accurately identify the problem. The problem is us; by that I mean humanity. In a world that tells us how awesome we are and how we deserve to receive whatever we want or whatever makes us happy, we have forgotten or maybe never heard that the cause of all of “this” is us. So, if we are the problem, then we can’t be the solution.

What is the solution? The gospel is the solution. The solution provided by our God; our God Who IS AWESOME! Through Jesus, He fulfilled the law that we couldn’t. Through Jesus, He reversed the curse of sin and death. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, He provided a way that we, sinful, imperfect humanity, could have a shot at salvation and redemption.

We can have a relationship with our Creator and live out the purpose in which we were created; to know Him and make Him known and carry out the mission we were given; to make disciples who make disciples. And THAT is truly awesome!


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