Journey’s Christmas Outreach — by JC Staff

ChristmasOutreach_StaffHello Journey Family. Today’s blog comes to you on behalf of Pastor Jesse and the entire staff team.

We are so excited for Christmas but especially for those we GET to bless again this year as part of our annual Christmas Outreach. As you may know, the focus of what we do at Christmas is reaching out to those going through a challenging time.



Watch this video message from the Staff:

This year, our church has the opportunity to bless more than 100 kids with gifts. And without us, they would have nothing this holiday season. It is an honor for us to do this, and be an incredible extension of God’s tangible blessing.

A HUGE THANK YOU to those who have already taken ornaments from the tree and are buying gifts. But we still have a lot of kids on the tree (more than 180 presents still needed) and are asking others to be a part. Each ornament on the tree is one gift for one child, and the gift can be any amount; just give what you feel God is calling you to give. The deadline for turning in gifts is this Sunday at the Troy campus.

So … if you’d like to be a part of what we are doing with the Christmas Outreach to kids in our community, please comment/respond on this blog (Facebook/Twitter) and we will connect you with one (or more) of the kids on the list. THANK YOU!!

Here are the people we have remaining to be blessed:
— 2 months old: 3 girls
— 4 months old: 1 girl
— 5 months old: 3 boys
— 7 months old: 3 boys
— 8 months old: 3 boys
— 1 years old: 5 boys
— 2 years old: 6 girls, 3 boys
— 3 years old: 15 girls, 10 boys
— 4 years old: 3 girls, 15 boys
— 5 years old: 2 boys
— 6 years old: 6 girls, 12 boys
— 7 years old: 4 girls, 6 boys
— 8 years old: 7 girls, 15 boys
— 9 years old: 8 girls
— 10 years old: 7 girls, 11 boys
— 11 years old: 3 girls, 3 boys
— 12 years old: 10 girls, 3 boys
— 13  years old: 6 girls
— 14 years old: 3 girls, 2 boys
— 15 years old: 3 girls, 5 boys
— 16 years old: 1 boy

If you have any questions, please contact the office at or 636-205-4557. THANK YOU!!


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