The World You Want — by Jake

TheWorldYouWant_LawrenceI wanted to write about Thanksgiving. That was the plan. Maybe something lighthearted and reflective about the year I’ve experienced in 2014. While that may not be an entirely inappropriate idea today, instead I’ve woken up other feelings.

With the events that have been happening in Ferguson, Mo., over the last three months, and especially what ignited (literally) last night, this morning all I have in my head is the song “The World You Want” by Switchfoot.

Of course, I have my own feelings and thoughts about what is going on and why. To be honest, they are quite conflicted. But I do not feel the need to go that direction in sharing them here. Regardless of how you respond or view the Ferguson situation, please check your heart before you speak.

Seek wisdom before you judge. Then ask yourself “What am I doing to fix this?”  We all play a part, every day.

Please have a listen …

Switchfoot’s “The World You Want” on YouTube

And DO have a great Thanksgiving, Family,


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