In the Land of Mulligans — by Danny

Mulligans_BrooksWhy is it at the first sign of adversity we decide to give up and start over? A mulligan is basically defined as a “do-over” in golf. When we are driving the ball towards our dream sometimes it gets caught in the wind, sliced to the left or right, or it may even encounter a bunker or some hazards. We need to learn to play through it.

We as a people need to examine our failures. Those failures sometimes are not failures at all, but just a step to bring us closer to our purpose. When you fail forward, you are not failing; you are learning and if you learn and apply you have gained. I know when we come up with timetables and goals that get skewed because of this reason or that reason, it is hard to see through the haze that will eventually be your dream. Just because you are a little off YOUR course that does not mean you should just scratch everything and start over.

The plan God has laid out for you more than likely will be a plan that stretches you. It will be a plan that gets your shoes full of sand and your brow sweaty, but you will come out on top if you keep your eye on the ball and keep chipping forward, you will get the ball in the hole.

When we hit a snag a lot of times we leave the dream and move on to something else citing things like “I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.” Those dreams lie on the course almost totally forgotten. In the land of mulligans, there are countless dreams that were left behind for varying reasons like it’s too hard, I’m too old, I’m too young, I tried, or it just didn’t work out like I thought.

Sometimes God’s plan for us doesn’t go straight from A to C. Our miracle, a lot of the time, is found at point B. That is the point when we push through adversity. That is the point our faith can really begin to lead us. Point B is the moment when you examine your progress and failures and decide to push on or call for a mulligan or a do-over.

I want to encourage you if you find yourself at point B right now with you dream and it doesn’t look exactly like you envisioned it, but you see something that looks like potential … just play it where it lies … no do-overs use your struggle to build strength. If God has placed this purpose in your heart, then Play On!


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