An Update from Burundi — by Jake

BUJUMBURA – After four full days of being in Burundi I can confidently say that I could spend some serious time here. Both the people and the landscape are incredibly beautiful and welcoming. Our time thus far has been spent making connections and building networks between La Providence and similar ministries in Bujumbura. We have met many Burundians who have returned to their home here to do their part in rebuilding and transforming this tiny nation.


Our first priority while here in Burundi is to connect and build relationship with the children and staff of La Providence. Pictured here is Sandy Miller playing games with the kids at La Providence.










We visited “The Farm,” which is located on the Djona family property. La Providence Founder Georgette Djona was born in the house shown behind her in this photo.









Meal time with the kiddos. Because of the amazing job done by the house staff providing proper care and nutritional meals, these kids are healthy and happy. Plenty of personality in this house!










The team — Tim, Missy, Sandy and myself — had a great time Monday morning meeting some of the staff of Youth For Christ-Burundi. They operate several orphanages in Burundi. Their model and way of operating is incredible.









That’s it from here for now. We will have more info, photos and updates in the coming weeks. Thanks for all your prayers and support. See you soon, family!



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