God in an Instant — by Angel

Time_LayherWe live in an instant generation – instant information, instant gratification, instant disappointment. For some of us, even microwave food takes too long. (Of course, I remember before microwaves, waiting an hour for a pot pie to come out of the oven; yet, I cannot stand to wait four minutes for a meal now). We can go online and enter any combination of words and get an instant overload of information. How and when did we become so demanding of instantaneous everything?

Now please understand what I am saying. I LOVE getting answers quickly. I love being able to move forward in anything rapidly. If I do not know the answer, I “ask the Google.” Today’s generation does not know what it is like to live without the internet. They will never have the awesome memories of looking through the Encyclopedia Britannica to find out information. They do not have the appreciation of waiting to get answers on most anything. We can even text others and expect instant response (unlike the old days where you hoped they had an answering machine and would call back).

So the point in all of this is simple: you have heard the saying “Anything worth having, is worth waiting for.” Have you taken the time to stop looking on the internet for instant answers? Have you turned “off” being “online” for any amount of time? It is in the slowdown and wait that we really get the answers we need.

If we turn off the instant and seek God, and then allow Him the time to answer, then we will truly be satisfied. The hard part in our instant society is giving God the time to do what he does so well … that is taking care of us perfectly. This does not mean God will answer in our time or in the way we expect. This simply means God will answer in his PERFECT timing and PERFECT will for our lives.

This is something I personally struggle with as I am an “instant” person. I enjoy having things done instantly, finished instantly, no leftover To-Dos, etc. However, I am striving to give God the time that he has designed so perfectly and not expect him to be an instant God. I encourage each of you to do the same.


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