I Could Never Be Your Woman — by Danny

YourWoman_BrooksWho are you and what are you doing here? Getting to know who you are and who you aren’t is critical to achieving your dream.

Romans 12:2 says, “ … be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

I think sometimes we get so frustrated by God’s timing that we rush into doing things we are not supposed to be doing. We find ourselves in circumstances we should not be in, dealing with drama and setbacks that should not have been distractions in the first place. We find ourselves wearing someone else’s dress. We find ourselves … well, that’s just it. Sometimes we don’t find ourselves at all. To truly find our purpose and who we are meant to be, we must renew our minds.

It doesn’t matter what others around you are doing. It doesn’t matter how quickly or easy things are coming to other people. By focusing more on you becoming better individually, you will begin to change your perspective. You are transforming your mind to a different way of thinking. When we focus on God’s path for our lives instead of comparing it to others, we can really make headway towards His will for our lives.

What is God’s will for me? Isn’t that the million-dollar question for all of us? I wish sometimes I didn’t have free will. I wish He would move me where I should be so I couldn’t screw it up, but that is not how it works. To find God’s will we pray, we read His Word and we put what we believe to be His will to the test so we can discern if it is right.

Do not be afraid to wait. That is the scariest time, I know, but sometimes the biggest treasure is a couple days away and patience is shovel. So don’t settle for someone else’s dream; hold out for the dream He put in your heart. Test it with prayer and scripture.

When you feel the push … jump. When you feel the tug … stay. Learn His voice and shut off the world’s noise.


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