The Walking Dead — by Kory

WalkingDead_Kimbrell“Ew! Really? Zombies?” If episodes of the show, “The Walking Dead,” were exclusively comprised of zombie smashing scenes, running around trying not to die and a sprinkle of dialogue here and there, then I wouldn’t watch it. If zombie fighting was the point and focus of the show, I don’t believe it would be on its fifth season with an average weekly viewership of 13.3 million people. There is an understanding among viewers who “get it” that there is a deeper message; a bigger story being told that goes beyond mindless entertainment.

The show focuses on one group of people in particular whose paths have crossed in the post-apocalyptic state of Georgia where the zombie-to-human ratio is tilted way in favor of the zombies. Together they fight to gather resources like food, water, fuel and transportation; all of which are highly sought after and treasured commodities. As they get to know and begin to trust each other, they encounter other people who are just as much of a threat as the undead, if not more so. Together they make every effort to not just survive, but maintain their humanity, a sense of morality, order, justice, and value of human life.

One re-occurring theme that most would not expect from a show like this is the importance of community and family. Each character we meet in the group has their own story. They have their own past and personal struggles they are trying to overcome; not to mention the uncertainty of their future. Together they face incredible adversity, loss of loved ones, exhaustion, and their own mortality. Through all of this, they manage to show grace, mercy, sacrificial love and forgiveness to one another because they realize they cannot make it without each other.

It’s not “Little House on the Prairie” by any stretch of the imagination. And I’m not suggesting that you should begin or continue to watch it. But, art imitates life and there is beauty in the pain and struggle of life just as there is in this show. There is example after example in God’s Word of beauty in the struggles of life and overcoming them and the way we do it is together … united … not divided. My favorite character in the show, Rick Grimes, says, “We survive this by pulling together, not apart.” That is so true. When we are divided, so is our focus and that’s all the enemy needs to take us down.

Let’s do this instead: Colossians 3:13-14

“Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”


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