Fantasy vs Reality — by Steve

FantasyReality_MillerOur lives are constantly being bombarded with a barrage of invitations to dive into the make believe … everything from video games to “reality” television to fantasy football.

Now don’t get me wrong; I like SOME of those things very much, VERY MUCH. But at some point, we have to hit the pause button (both figuratively and literally), take a step back and evaluate what we are letting into our brains.

I guess for me, it’s all about balance. Life is hard sometimes, for everybody. We have to go to jobs we don’t like in order to pay bills we don’t want and deal with people that, frankly, are just really hard to put up with. Am I right? Sometimes a little fantasy is a good escape. When you’ve had a bad day or maybe even a bad week, taking a break and relaxing with a movie, a game or the computer is OK. It can even be personally productive. But when that escape becomes the everyday, when the escape becomes the rule … then we have a problem.

Take me for example. One of the great loves of my life (football) cannot get in the way of serving the other loves (my wife, my family, my God). Because when the former (fantasy) gets in the way of latter (reality), then my life is out of balance. Some would prefer the term perspective. When my life is out of balance, when my perspective is skewed, when my focus is too wide … well, then all heck breaks loose.

OK, you say, how do I know where the line is between enjoyment and over-indulgence? Even asking the question is a great start. Just being aware of the need for balance is important. I ask Jesus to show me the way every day. “How am I doing? Who can I serve today? Open my eyes and ears to you working in and around my life.” Reading Psalm 28, particularly verse 7, give strength to my soul.

I pray your life, today and every day, be based in the real but is sprinkled with just enough fantasy to give you the wide-eyed wonderment of a child, anticipating the next turn. That, friends, is what helps us keep putting one foot in front of the other with the joy of life that God has waiting for YOU!


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