When God First Spoke … — by Sandy

LaProvidence_SaMillerDo you remember the first time God spoke to you? We all can probably say Yep, when we heard him tugging at our heart to come to Him and trust Him as our Savior. Well, how about the second time? I remember that time, too. I have it recorded in my Bible. It was from Matt 18:5. It says, “Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.”

That was about 20 years ago. I had been praying about helping out in the Toddlers Room at the church we were attending. So when I read this verse I had a definite YES from God as a green light to help out with those toddlers.

Through the years and as I grew in my walk with God and realized that he gave me gifts and passions, I knew that women’s ministry was where I could serve Him the BEST! And the passion I had to see women grow and fall in love with Jesus was fuel for my fire to keep going after Him.

But here I am 20 years later, and in a few short weeks I will travel across the world to a third-world country to minister to WHO? Children. It was this very verse that set God ordained events in motion in my life to become involved with La Providence Orphanage. And now 20 years later I’m going to do the very thing He spoke to me about long ago – “Welcoming children.”

You see God uses all kinds of ways to speak to us … through prayer, His word, dreams, circumstances, other people, songs, His creation. The list can go on and on because we can’t limit God and surely we can’t limit how He communicates to us. I think the thing that is so amazing about God is that very special “spoken” word to me, didn’t limit Him to a one time occurrence in my life.

He used this Word again to remind me that though I don’t serve in children’s ministry regularly He calls me to welcome orphans in His name. And when God reminds you of that spoken word, well, you just do it. Because I am ridiculously in love with Him, I am willing to say Your will, Your way.

If you get a chance today, I encourage you to reflect on the times that God has spoken to you … you never know what He may do with it.


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