Season of Change — by Jake

FallRoad_LawrenceScience is fascinating, isn’t it? Consider the fact that science can tell us the exact moment the seasons change. We knew fall was officially here at 9:29 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 22. That’s what the weatherman said, at least.

Really, though, most of us would consider fall to be here when you step outside one morning and see your lawn covered in leaves. Maybe it’s when a slight afternoon breeze cuts through your t-shirt and you finally have to put on a jacket.

I understand that in 2014 determining the precise minute of the autumnal equinox probably doesn’t take much. Take the required measurements of the earth’s tilt, where it is in relation to the sun, etc. Then put those numbers into an equation (that I certainly do not know) and BAM! … you know the exact minute to light that first fall bonfire.

More times than not, though, that is not how it works when it comes to change in our lives. I’ve not experienced a scientific strategy to predict change in relation to my relationships, job, interests and routines. Sure, there are road signs that pop up along each journey that may hint that a curve is coming, but there’s rarely a timer counting down to the moment that it’s going to happen.

That’s why we must keep ourselves connected to the one constant that is available — God … the one who is everlasting and unchanging. We are told to be continually praying (Eph 6:18). Continually … that means at all times, without ceasing. I read that in a way that suggests that we shouldn’t wait until the moment change happens. If we are honest, we would find that a lot of our prayers were made in the midst of a situation that we thought required it.

No doubt God is our refuge and hiding place to run to when things go bad. But allow me to encourage you to build up your strength through prayer beginning right now. If you’re experiencing a great season in your life, you should be celebrating by worshiping through prayer. Maybe you are noticing some signs in your life that something is on the horizon, yet you’re not sure what it is. To you I say begin hiding prayers in your heart, keeping His words ready. If you are like me and are experiencing change right now, I hope that you HAVE been praying. I can testify that constant, ongoing and true conversation with God is what helps me navigate each stage of my journey.

Finally, all this talk about change is not at all the negative sort. The shifting that I am experiencing is very positive. A change in a role here, an amazing opportunity there, is all it takes to force a change in routine and focus. Those are big things for my family. If it weren’t for a firm foundation built on faith, these things would be hard to adjust through.

So, I for one, welcome the change of season and everything that comes with it. Except for Ugg Boots, please keep those in the closet.


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