There’s No Place Like Home — by Kory

RedSlippers_KimbrellThere is a place that most of us cannot wait to get back to; whether it’s at the end of our work day, after going out to dinner or even on vacation. There is a place in all of our hearts we look forward to returning. That place is called “home.”

Home is a place where we find acceptance. Home is a place where we are loved. Home is a place where we belong. Home is where we feel safe, welcome and comfortable; a place of refuge, strength and rest. Home is a place where positive change is possible.

My family and I have experienced positive change as a result of meeting so many people in the past five years that have made us feel at home. This is the reason why I believe so strongly in Fusion Groups, also known as Home Groups or Small Groups. It’s in these groups that people have an opportunity for their voice to be heard, to have their concerns validated and to feel connected to each other.

In the book of Acts we read about the early church and how they lived. They would meet in each others’ homes, share meals with each other, worship together, commit themselves to learning about Jesus and reach out to the communities in which they lived. This is how the church grew, not just numerically, but spiritually. I believe that deep down there is a majority of us who long for this kind of intimate interaction. This kind of expression of the church is beautiful and I believe it blesses the heart of our God in heaven when it is lived out.

Home is where our needs for community, acceptance and love are met. My prayer is that these needs are not just met in your home, but the homes of your church family. When we do this, we are living out the things we talk about during church services.

I cannot wait to hear the stories of what God is doing in our church because of it.


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