Modern Jesus — by Danny


I love media, fog, loud music, light shows, snazzy looking sets and themed services. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Lately, though, I’ve caught myself loving that stuff too much, I think. I would focus more on the tools of service rather than the fact in that moment I am with Him and should cherish that time. I believe those tools can be a great aid in reaching the lost. If it means bring a soul to Christ, I will do almost anything that is legal.

My question though is this: Are we living as relevant of a Christ-like life as we are building the most relevant service experience? Relevant by definition means closely connected. Is your life as RELEVANT to Jesus as your service is trying to be to the lost? Are you relevant to Christ at all? As Christians we need to understand it doesn’t matter if our church has modern or traditional service experiences; what matters is that our lives are relevant to Jesus’ teachings.

I hate to say it, but in our lives we need to get back to the cliché WWJD. Trends can burn us sometimes, right? We get so done with something that is overused that we forget why it caught on in the first place. This examining our lives and connecting them to what our Savior would do in our situations is not a trend though it is what keeps us relevant to Him. Maybe we should break out the old bracelets and make this mess retro (ha ha).

But, seriously, I believe Jesus is the guy at the water cooler choosing to take time to speak encouragement to the co-worker who is struggling with his marriage. He is the teenager who helps pick up the kids’ books that a bully just threw on the ground. Jesus is the single mom or dad who makes time to show love to their family even though they just worked a 70-hour work week.

Jesus is to the world is what we make Him out to be, mostly through our actions. That is why it is imperative that we stay relevant to Him. So break out your bracelets if you must, but more importantly break open that prayer closest and see what opportunities He has for you today.


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