The Best We Can — by Kory

RodneyMullen_KimbrellI really like watching the series, “TED Talks.” So, when Rodney Mullen – the godfather of street skating — was giving one of these talks, I had to check it out because I believed he would provide a unique perspective.He said something at the beginning that resonated with me. It’s something that encouraged and challenged me, and I hope it will do the same for you.

Check out the link:

I believe we are all doing the best we can. Some may look around at our world today and think, “Really? This is the best we can do?” Let me explain where I’m coming from here. My Mom didn’t know how to be a single mom. She never trained for it and never chose to be one. In the situation she found herself in, she did the best she could. My Dad, on the other hand, chose to leave his family. I still believe he did the best he could because I refuse to believe he still would have left if he knew things would end up the way they did. In the situation he found himself in, he did what he thought was best.

That’s really all any of us can do. We do the best we can with the combination of what we know, see and experience. This results in us missing the mark … A LOT. So, how can we miss the mark and it still be considered “our best?” See, like my parents, we all do the best we can until we know better. And when we know better, we should do better. In this way, our best keeps getting better and we keep getting closer and closer to “hitting the mark.” Like the G.I. Joe cartoon used to say, “… knowing is half the battle.” You have to also believe.

Here’s what Rodney said that inspired this blog: “The biggest obstacle to creativity is breaking through the barrier of disbelief.” What that means to me is we tend to live a way that we BELIEVE is best … that is until we BELIEVE there is better. Rodney used skate videos as an example. He says they post skate videos online and not long after that you see videos of some little kid half way across the world doing the same tricks that are in the videos. You could argue that the kids learned how to do the tricks through the videos that are posted of Rodney and friends, but that’s not what’s going on. By watching the videos, they learn that it CAN BE DONE.

Here’s the challenge: We can hear about the “best way” that Jesus describes. But until we break through the barrier of disbelief and BELIEVE it is better than OUR BEST, we won’t truly pursue Him with our life. We can also talk about the “best way” that Jesus describes. But to encourage others to break through the barrier of disbelief we need to live out what we are talking about the best we can so they will BELIEVE His way is better than our best and that living His way can be done.


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