Hey Dad … let’s go outside — by Jesse

Football_Quiroz“Hey, Dad … let’s go outside.

This is a statement I hear on an almost daily basis when I get home from work. It’s from my boys, and it’s an invitation to play an intense game of father-son football in the front yard. These games can last up to an hour, and the amount of sweat that pours out of me during these games is enough to water the lawn!

If you’re a father of boys, I’m sure you get these request as well … and I’m also sure you find yourself some days wanting to simply sit back and relax on a sofa with a remote in your hand after a long day of work. But, for me without fail, the invitation to burn what feels like 100,000 calories calls.

I took this picture the other day via a GoPro Camera that I strapped to my chest; I also recorded a video of our time in the yard (how cool is technology?!). To give you a quick backstory, this particular day I was pretty exhausted, and running around in 90 degree weather wasn’t on the top of my list. But how could I say no? So, off I went. This time however, I thought I’d record it, just for fun.

When I watched the video, I came across this image above, and grabbed a quick screenshot of it. As I was looking at it, a scripture started to rise in my heart. Proverbs 22:6 says “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”(NIV)

You know, we live in a nation where culture attempts to persuade us that the best things we can give our kids are ‘things.’ That their happiness will be found in the latest video game or the coolest shoes and clothes. I believe this is a lie. I believe the best thing we can give our kids is not really a ‘thing’ at all. It’s us. It’s our time. It’s our attention. I believe WE are the only investment that truly makes a lifelong impact.

Watching that video, God helped me realize that what I’m doing today is shaping the kind of men, husbands, and fathers they will be tomorrow. WOW! Be encouraged today parents, to know that your investment today contains the ability to make a difference in the life of your children that will go on for generations. That’s serious impact!

Actually (and I’m not joking at all), my boys JUST asked me to go outside, and it’s 87 degrees out. Help me Lord! So, in thinking about the amount of sweat that is about to make its way out of my skin here in a little bit, I need to remember that my sweat today is blessing their future tomorrow … and simply knowing that, makes it worth every single drop.



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