What’s Your Thing? — by Steve

FootballFanatic_MillerWe are ALL fanatics, every one of us on the face of this earth. We are all crazy over some one or some thing, some cause or movement, some flavor, fashion or fad. We are all guilty as charged. But it’s OK because that is how God designed us.

Take me for example … I am a football junkie. From the second the SuperBowl ends, I am literally counting the days until the Scouting Combine, the NFL Draft and Training Camp (which God saw fit to open on my birthday this year). I scour the web for anything gridiron-related for Mizzou, the Chiefs and the Rams. It is one of the things God gave me a passion for, and that’s OK, as long as I keep it in perspective. Faith, Family, Football … that’s my pecking order.

So you aren’t a football fan, but I’ll bet there is something somewhere in your life that you hold a strong love and affection toward. For some it is their family while others maybe lean toward a hobby, a favorite TV show or other activities like hiking, biking, surfing or fishing. These are all natural and allowable outlets for a God-shaped desire that He placed in us to worship.

To worship simply means ‘extravagant respect or devotion to an object of esteem.’ In Luke 4:8, Jesus quotes Deuteronomy when tempted by Satan … “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’” As Christians, we are called to worship only one. So my football fandom is allowed as long as I maintain a healthy balance, keeping my passion for earthly things in perspective to my love and devotion for Jesus and his ultimate place in my life. He should always win the gold when it comes to my worship.

With that in mind, I leave you with this question … What is your thing? And how are you doing keeping it in line with God and other priorities?

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear how you are doing.



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