Changing — by Angel

Japanese akoya cultured pearls are pictured at Ohata pearl industry in Ise, western JapanSo let’s be real … most of the time change is uncomfortable. We fight to hang onto a situation or circumstance, even when it is not good for us. We like what we know, we are comfortable in the know. Sometimes we need to make changes, not because anything is wrong or bad, but simply due to maturity and growth being needed.

These changes are just as uncomfortable. So, I obviously stated the obvious … what’s the point?

I encourage each of you to allow the uncomfortable, embrace the change. This does not mean it will always be easy; however if approached with God in the lead, it will be worth it. If you allow God to challenge you with circumstances that change you, you will shine like the brightest pearl.

I would encourage you to watch this short video of Joel Osteen’s “Developing Your Pearl.” It is an amazing message of truth.



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