This Blog is Corny — by Sandy

Summer arouSweetCorn_SaMillernd our house means long workdays and busy weekends. Take this past weekend, for example, we (Steve, Aly and I) picked, shucked, silked, cleaned, cooked and froze 18 quarts of sweet corn. Then we picked, cleaned, snapped and canned nine quarts of green beans. Next was grating zucchini to freeze and baking some wonderful zucchini bars. AND that was just Saturday. Around 2 p.m., I was asking myself … is this really all worth it? I was wearing down.

God quickly reminded me of two things. First, I will say yes to it being worth it when I am chowing down this winter on farm-grown corn out of the freezer for dinner on any given night. And second, millions of people would feel RICH and FULL if they had food they could grow, preserve and enjoy in ANY house with a roof AND heat. The second one really convicted me so I kept going when I felt like plopping on the couch.

But then the deeper spiritual implications hit me. We have been talking about what you sow, you will grow and what you grow you will eat. This isn’t just food, right? We don’t eat until we sow! Sowing to us means cultivating and working the ground; just like our relationships with God, our family and friends.

We have to do the necessary prep to grow any relationship. It doesn’t just happen like in “Jack and The Beanstalk” where they just throw seeds out on the ground. It all requires work. It means pulling weeds out of our life that aren’t godly; it means fertilizing by pouring into others and digging up the ground to allow air to get to the roots. That is ongoing relationship.

But when we put in the work, the harvest is oh so good … just like this winter when we will enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of our labor. When we work on sowing and growing our relationships, the harvest is SO good and has much deeper and longer lasting impact than that bite of corn.



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