Imitators — by Kory

It happens every time weImitators_Jaxon turn on a movie. Whenever we watch a show, it’s only a matter of time. It happens immediately when we’re listening to music. Both of my kids, especially my youngest, Jaxon, will assume the role of a character in the show or movie or take on the attitude the music provides. My kids are imitators.

Don’t get me wrong. There are things about my kids that make them unique from everyone else and that same idea applies to all of us. But when I see my son become Daniel Larusso when we watch Karate Kid or Marty McFly when we watch Back to the Future or when he becomes a break-dancer when we listen to Andy Mineo or a head-banger when we listen to War of Ages, it is a great reminder that our little ones are always watching and listening.

Who are they watching and listening to more than anyone? Well … US … their parents. There is no greater influence in kids’ lives than their parents. They do what we do, say the things we say and act the way we act. My boy would walk around saying, “Doggone it” when he was still a toddler because he heard me say it. I know I have been guilty of saying some of the same things my parents said even though I swore I never would. “Shut the door. I’m not paying to cool off the outside.” Anyone?

As embarrassing as some of the things they say and do to be like us can be, there’s such a great feeling available to us when they get it right because we got it right. Watching our kids act with compassion, hearing them say a sweet little prayer you know you’ve said yourself, seeing them lift their hands during a worship song … they all indicate we are positively influencing our kids. As we strive to be imitators of Jesus, we can be confident that our kids will strive to be imitators of Him as well.



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