Hello, My Name is … by Tim

This is my testimonyJourneyOne_StageView from the Journey One service. While it was hard to do, I am thrilled to be being used by God to affect people’s lives. Let’s not forget that lots of people were changed by the testimonies that were shared that day. (And by the way … audio of all the testimonies will be posted to the Journey website later this month, so watch for those coming soon.)

Pray you all have a great and safe Independence Day, one of my favorite holidays. See you on Sunday.

“Hello my name is Tim Overstreet.

I was told I should come to this church by George Bradley, while standing in my driveway over five years ago. I told George I would never go to a church again using as many curse words as possible to get that point across. Jake, the guy sitting on the drums back there, is George’s son and we have been friends for a very long time. I guess he talked his boys into asking me to come to church and when they did I couldn’t say no to those boys. I didn’t make it to the first service I promised them I would be at because that Friday night I drank myself into a stupor and literally didn’t wake up until Sunday afternoon.

The next Sunday I showed up but with little sleep and Jim Beam on my breath; I was scared to walk in the doors because that’s where most of all my pain in life was from … the church. I was scared that I would be judged because I had just recently been divorced; I drank like a fish, smoked too much and cussed like a sailor. I was not the man standing in front of you today. My heart was a rock, and I would drink myself to sleep to forget about all of my pain. I walked into this place with no idea that I would be where I am today.

My church, this family never judged me. They never told me I wasn’t good enough, but instead told me how awesome God has made me and today, as the worship pastor of this great church, I can tell you with absolute certainty, that I am so thankful to have found my journey home.”


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