The Fallen Ones — by Danny

hope photo

The Fallen Ones

Sometimes, like in the picture above, HOPE can be hard to see. It seems so far away, but sometimes it is right under our nose. You looked didn’t you? … No? … Yes you did don’t lie to me …lol I’m done being silly … or am I? Hope is always around you, you just have to look for it … sometimes look harder.

We dance with temptation like Cinderella dancing with Prince Charming. What we don’t realize is we are in a trance and we are waltzing into a trap. We feel like these experiences are mutual. We treat sin like it loves us too, but that temporary joy is one sided and a set up for future depression and self-loathing. Once we realize the trap is set we are overcome with fear; the fear of falling apart.
We fear we have wronged God and He will not forgive us, and we fear if we let this temptation go not only will we not have God we will not have our fleshly comfort either. So … we are stuck. We put these religious limitations on God’s grace. We choose to live in our self-torture feeling we have no escape. We become The Fallen Ones.
Stop assembling your philosophies by broken memories. In our mind we cannot be redeemed because of our choice to choose temptation over God’s will. We have FOREVER FALLEN out of God’s grace. This isn’t real LIFE! This ISN’T real life! Real LIFE is freedom from the bonds of sin. Real life is found in Him! All we need to do is ask for said freedom and follow His guidance. We need to realize our fight with getting rid of sin has to do more with His ALL consuming grace and wisdom, and less to do with punishing ourselves. We are fooled … bamboozled … our eyes have been covered … Far too long we have lived in an alternate reality. We are supposed to believe the reality that we can provide actions or feelings to even the scale of good and evil in our lives. The enemy is a liar. The scales are tipped … lopsided … uneven, but in our favor. Jesus is saying IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME GO! Release the power of grace in your life. Stop keeping it captive as if it is some sort of imaginary dream or something.

Become part of The Rising, allow Christ to lift you above the ashes of your past choices. Allow Him to guide you to your future. He will sit you on a whole notha level …(sorry ‘bout that my Journey is showing) … literally your world will be totally changed. The Bible says it this way Psalm 103:12 “as far as the east is from the west, so far does HE remove our transgressions from us.” Stop being your own judge, jury, and executioner. Acknowledge your mistakes, learn from your mistakes, and forgive yourself to not just move on … but move forward from your mistakes. Let’s not focus on our Fallen past, but instead focus on Rising in His grace to accomplish His will in our life. No matter what your past looks like … it is in fact THE PAST. RISE UP LIVE OUT YOUR FUTURE PURPOSE!


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