A Letter To Young People — by Kory


Don’t disqualify yourself from reading this just because the title says it’s to “Young People” and you may not consider yourself to be “young.”  This is for EVERYONE; everyone who has a calling or had one that they’ve lost sight of, everyone who may think their time to take risks has passed them by, everyone who has or had passions that they never pursued.  This is for everyone, but I addressed it to young people.  Here we go…

Young people; you have an opportunity to be whoever you want to be, go wherever you want to go, and do whatever you want to do.  I pray that you will be who God created you to be, do what God is showing you to do, and go where God is showing you to go.

This may be somewhere you don’t necessarily want to go, and may even be something you don’t necessarily want to do, but it is what you were created for.  And when you go there and do it, whatever “IT” may be, you won’t be able to imagine doing anything else.

There will be people in this life that will tell you that you CANNOT do it or be it, whatever “IT” may be.  They will try to persuade you pursue the same things everybody else is and what they are pursuing too.  They will try to influence you to believe there is something else you should be “worrying” about, focusing on, and devoting your time to.

When asked why you’re pursuing it, whatever “IT” may be, you will struggle to provide an explanation as to the reasons why.  You will labor in your effort to express how you feel.  Know this though:  you will never be able to provide an answer that will satisfy even your most considerate critic.

It’s possible that you will have more questions than you will have answers.  There will be uncertainty and doubt; a wondering if you can do it, “How will this work?”, “What if I fail?”  You will feel nervous, anxious, scared, uneasy, frustrated, hopeful, excited, fulfilled, alive, satisfied, and terrified all at the same time.

But…despite all of your fears; all of your uncertainty; all of your unanswered questions; despite all of the doubters, haters, naysayers, and voices saying you can’t or you shouldn’t – they can’t drown out The One Voice telling you, “Go!”  When it becomes easier for you to do what God is calling you to do, no matter how difficult it may be, than to do what everyone else is doing on the accepted, wide, comfortable path, you can be confident that the Holy Spirit of the Living God is going with you and “fear” should be reserved for all of the others who are going their own way without Him.




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