Growing and Learning — by Jamie

Traditionally when we think of kids learning we get a mental image of them sitting at a desk, pencil in hand, listening to their teacher and preparing to answer a question that was asked. School is a great way for kids to get all of their book smarts and shape their minds and I am a big believer in school education but with six kiddos I am also a believer that everyday life situations teach us some of the most important and lasting lessons.

Just recently all of my children and I went to the bowling ally with a group of friends. Everyone in the group (including the adults) decided to bowel with bumpers. Only my three oldest boys decided they were to good (or cool) to use bumpers. Well about three frames in when they had only two points on the board between the three of them they were begging for the bumpers. Everyone else playing had already scored points into the double digets and the boys were not happy with their choice not to use the bumpers.

I could hear their growns of dissatisfaction way before they worked up the nerve to come ask me to talk to the front desk to see if they “could please have some bumpers to, please!” My answer was, what any good mother would say….NO!  I said no not because I felt like being a mean mom but because I wanted them to understand that every decision they make is important and they will have to deal with the out come of their decision making in every situation.

By frame six I did go and ask the very nice lady behind the front desk to give the boys bumpers and they were very pleased and happy that their mom is so generous and kind. 🙂 But the point is that they learned a lesson about decision making and they were not in school.

As parents we need to take the opportunities that life presents us with our children and teach these important lessons. They look to us for guidance and love and the best way to show that is to guide them in love when they make a choice that turns out crummy. If I would have fixed the problem for them with the first complaint, I would have wasted their chance to learn.

Be encouraged to be apart of your kiddos growing and learning in all ways! It will pay out in the long run.Helping your children learn and grow though life situations will deepen your bond and strengthen your relationships with your children.


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