What If? — by Tim

What if imageI think the title of this blog leaves a lot of unanswered question in and of itself. WHAT IF?

Recently I have been saying WHAT IF to myself, not in a regretful sense, but in more of a ‘forward’ approach to life. Like WHAT IF I had not pressed through some of my insecurities? Would I be where I am today?

I think all of us have those turning point moments in our lives where we say, WHAT IF I hadn’t responded or pursued the way I did?  Would I be in the place I am now?  During those times the picture always seems to be a bit blurry for me, I mean decisions are tough sometimes.

I recently have learned a lot about myself.  I am someone who analyzes my decisions before making them. I always step back and view it from a distant perspective.  Thinking through the outcome of my WHAT IF opportunities, I am a visualizer so I play things out in my brain like a movie. Different scenarios for different circumstances. Here is an example: When I was asked to be the Worship Pastor at Journey Church, my first initial reaction was ‘NO WAY!!!’   I remember my ‘process of thinking’ back then, it went something like this; Why on earth would this guy want me to be in charge of worship at his church?

While thinking that I would play the reel of video in my head of what I did wrong the week prior to our conversation.  Why would God want me to be in charge of worship here? During that video in my mind, it was like I was a puppy shamefully looking down as my owner looks down at me, after chewing up his handcrafted furniture.  Looking back, I noticed a pattern in my decision making for my WHAT IFS’. I disqualified myself based on my past experiences, my short comings and my failed attempts.  Really what I didn’t see, because I never looked up in my “video” is my owner had open arms and just wanted to give me more LOVE.

Now I am not saying you should take a chance on every WHAT IF. I think we all can agree that some WHAT IFS are best left alone because really we know the outcome, we just don’t want to admit it to ourselves. But what about the WHAT IF that you know will produce good stuff in your life?  Here is a example: say a person in your church asks you. “Would you want to help me in Kids Church this Sunday?”  Here is the WHAT IF. You were just asked to help out in Kids church. WHAT IF you help? Are you already trying to make an excuse for why you can’t, knowing that you really don’t have an excuse? Instead of thinking of a million reasons why you can’t, change your way of thinking to why wouldn’t I.

 Life is full of risks, you’re going to be let down plain and simple.  Don’t let your let downs become answers to a WHAT IF.  You are not disqualified from your future because of your past. You have just been prepped for your future by walking through your past.


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