Blessed by Her — by Angel

I love how God brings people in your life for different reasons.  We have all heard the quote “people come into to your life for a reason or season”. It may be to teach a lesson, it may be to teach the other person something or maybe you are being used to bless that person.  Sometimes he puts people in your life to bless you.  I am so thankful that God put this little lady in my life.  She is such a blessing to me and today we get to celebrate her 13th birthday!

Even though she was our second child, we really had no clue what we were doing.  This little bundle of cuteness made here debut in the world a week early (she was due on valentines day ❤ ).  The first few months were so crazy easy that we were sure this was “to good to be true”. She slept all the time, through the night, naps, restaurants, cars…easy. Then she started moving around and while she was still a pretty happy baby, she was determined.

Over the next several years she challenged everything.  She fully believes in the “help me do it by myself” philosophy.  She was tiny but fearless.  She would try anything and wanted to try everything.  This little package could frustrate you in an instant but could melt your heart even faster. She is all in with everything she does.  If she is mad at you, well wait it out cause she is mad..LOL  but when she loves you, you are receiving the greatest love.

She has blossomed into such a beauty that has a HUGE heart and wears it on her sleeve.  She is super sensitive and just wants everyone to be happy.  She loves to be a character, she loves to help, she loves to learn, she loves to be active, she loves to love.

She is totally a momma’s girl and joined at my hip at times but I love love love it.  She will grow up to fast and no longer want to be with mom. However, I pray she always gives the hugs she gives (if you know here, ask for one, they are amazing).  She will randomly ask “do you need a hug” She does not like to see others cry and wants everyone to be happy!!

So, yeah I could tell you all day how amazing of a blessing this cutie is to me and all who know her but I really just want to say to her. Happy 13th Birthday Beautiful girl, thank you for always blessing your momma, in ways you do not even realize.  Love you bigger than Bob Evans (inside


Emalee Dawn (my early valentine present)  & today at 13!!!




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