Brain DEAD — by Tim

I recently read an article on a man that was assumed to be brain-dead after a serious car accident in 1983. The doctors had classified him as non-responsive.  After being a prisoner in his own body for 23 years, a Neurologist by the name of Steven Laureys discovered that the man was fully conscious but unable to communicate. Can you imagine?!  Picture this with me for a moment. You are lying in your bed with your eyes open and not moving at all. Throughout the day people are in and out of your room trying to communicate with you. Every time you try and speak nothing happens, every time you try to scream the wind from your lungs doesn’t even increase. You have no control of who you are and what you will do with your life anymore. Your life is now like a television show all you can do is watch to see what happens with no popcorn or the occasional restroom break. Horrifying!

So here is my crazy thought on this. How many of us are watching that television show but choose not to do anything about the state of mind we are in. Even though it’s a conscious choice?  In my own personal journey I chose to stay glued to the fear of ‘what if’. What if I get hurt? What if I fail? What if I’m not good enough? Let’s get real, everyone has insecurities, and if you say you don’t you’re a liar. Maybe you’re still watching the television in that area of your life. I use to think that showing weakness made me less of man. What I have learned is that vulnerability brings hope.

As a Christ follower, my goal in this life is to know God and make Him known. How do I attain that goal? Well by no means am I going to say you have to be perfect to serve God but a gun doesn’t fire as well if you don’t clean it. I have a shotgun a friend sold me years ago. I like to carve on the wood stock of it when I am turkey hunting. I have dropped that gun, scratched it up on tree branches, and even had it out in the rain completely soaked to the core. But every time I use it, I clean it, every time.  I break the whole thing down, oiling all of the small parts so they will work the next time I go hunting or shooting. I also use lemon oil on the wood stock to seal up the bare wood I have exposed.  Just like my gun, I have scratches and cuts, and stories of being hurt by being dropped by someone.


Embrace your pain for healing. Let God start working on your wounds. No one is perfect, we all are watching the television in one area of our life or another. But why do we do that? It’s self-mutilation in a way.  The point I wanted to get across in this blog is we can blame situations, circumstances for our ‘television’ mindsets, or we can let God start working on us a little more. Maybe in an area that stings a bit more than you may necessarily want.

Check out these videos by Brene Brown, it really puts vulnerability into perspective. Note; she does swear one time in the videos, don’t watch if you think that is offensive.



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