Scar Tissue — by Danny




Scar Tissue


Some blogs are easy to read and easy to digest. This is a “big boy” blog. I do not want to offend anyone or hurt feelings. This is a pick yourself up and do something because He has great expectations blog. If your not looking for that, then don’t feel the need to read any further.


Scar Tissue– is exactly the same protein (collagen) as the tissue that it replaces, but the fiber composition of the protein is different; instead of a random basket weave formation of the collagen fibers found in normal tissue, in fibrosis the collagen cross-links and forms a pronounced alignment in a single direction. This collagen scar tissue alignment is usually of inferior functional quality to the normal collagen randomized alignment.

I wish you could really see me….but

                There are just some things we don’t talk about. Some things we think are better left unsaid. Truth is that is rarely the case. The things we categorize as untouchable are the very things that are destroying us from within. The past holds its claws deep in our hearts. It is very hard for us to move pass some of the things we have done. It is near impossible for us to move pass some of the things people have done to us. It hurts to admit it but it is also difficult to move pass the times we feel God left us hanging. These deep emotional and spiritual injuries leave scars. Sometimes even when we move passed them…we don’t really move on.

                A scar is a healed injury but it is an injury that is deep enough to leaves a noticeable mark. The mark that it leaves is a reminder of that situation.  I have two scars on my face…. you probably haven’t noticed them because one is slightly covered in hair and the other is visually just a little bit of a pigment difference. They were painful injuries non-the less.  One is self inflicted the other was caused by one of my family members.  The scar on my lip is always the first part of my lip to be chapped or peel. That is because when it healed it healed in a less functional way. It healed weaker. My left eye sometimes will not open as wide as my right eye. So although it is healed it can still hinder me. There are areas of our lives that are much the same, healed…but they are not functioning they way they used to or could be.

                Scars can make us feel used or broken or ugly or defective, and I am not only talking about physical scars anymore. There are things inside of us that we try to never think about but grip tightly to so that no one can find it out or bring back up. Some of us have some real issues that we have “fixed” but never allowed to really heal properly and now there are areas in our lives that are weaker or less functional because of it.  During our healing process we have let regret, bitterness, anger, depression, justification and other negative influences to cross-link into our healing formation.  Some of us may have addictions that we can’t break so we are scarred with this perception that we never will.  Some might be waging war with a sin that they have been fighting for years. Some of us might be in a state of total devalue. Satan uses emotional scars to remind us of the pain of the past. He uses spiritual scars to tell us we will never be good enough,

               Satan is the master of devaluing humans. His main objective is to steal our joy, kill our hope, and destroy what’s left. It is easy for us to be lured into his trap because we are not perfect. There are a ton of things that he can pull out on me that could send me into an emotional downward spiral. Things that I have done in the past and things that were done to me. The fact of the matter is this though, Gods love…Gods value that He sees in me, even when I don’t, trumps Satan every time.  How valuable are you? How valuable am I to the creator of everything? We are so valuable that he knit us in our mother’s womb. We were fearfully and wonderfully made. (Ps 139), He numbered the hair on my head. (Luke 12:7) He has made plans for us to prosper (Jer 29:11). He sent His only son to die for us. (John 3:16). Yet we let past failures derail our future over and over again. We allow the influences of incidents long over to dictate where we are heading.

                Good news! Like most physical scars there are ways to fully heal areas of life emotionally and spiritually. But…you have to be willing to do HARD THINGS. One way to heal a physical scar is called surgical scar revision. This is where a doctor goes in and makes incisions so that it breaks up the cross-link fibrosis tissue to create normal growth and healing. Applying that method to our inner scars will be effective also. Sometimes the hardest part in healing is revisiting. We have to stop trying to hide things from God like He isn’t aware. Like we are all alone and we have to preserve through it without Him. We must revisit that place or that issue we have tried to swallow deep down for maybe years. We have to allow the Great Physician a chance to make His precision cuts and help us work through our pain. We need to give that place, that situation to Him so it can heal completely. A lot of times healing starts by opening a door of forgiveness. Forgiving others for hurting you or letting you down, forgiving yourself for missed opportunities and regrets…. forgiving God for the times you feel He let you down. The steps that follow that one vary so much because unlocking the power of forgiveness will open doors you never thought you would walk through….but go ahead and keep walking freedom awaits.

                When we hold on to scars we are handing a portion of our life to that situation. We don’t realize the justifications that we throw around for keeping this scar hidden and bound is like a jail we are binding ourselves in. When we allow our thoughts free roam without direction from the Holy Spirit we are locking the jail cell. When we allow God free roam into the deepest areas of our pain, loneliness and regret we WILL find freedom. He has created you to do things you can’t even imagine. We allow ourselves to be pigeon holed by past failures and incidents.

                It is time. Time to move forward. Time for complete healing. Time for you to start valuing yourself as much as He does. You don’t even know how much He loves you. If you could see you through His eyes nothing would be able to stop you from achieving your purpose. It is when we take our eyes off Him and place them on who we think we are that we can see ourselves falling short. As long as we have our eyes on Him we can heal completely and keep moving forward. You were who you were…they were who they were…it was what it was….He is who He is. It is our choice to heal and build or to stay devalued and crumble. Harsh words I know but I told you this was a big boy blog. God does not plan for you to remain a hurt person. God plans for you to heal hurt people. 


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