Temporary Failure — by Angel

Have you ever worked really hard to make something great? Have you ever put every ounce of effort you could into doing the right thing and striving to hang on to something? Maybe you worked really hard to keep a job or gain a promotion, maybe it was putting everything you could into a friendship or relationship, or working all you could to make it financially possible to have a certain car or keep your house.  With everything we do, all the sacrifices made, even when it is for something good or “right” we find ourselves failing. I have recently been reminded that even with everything we attempt to do to hang on to something it may just not be part of the plan. Naturally, we feel like we failed.  We did not do “enough” or we thought we were doing all we could but maybe we were not.  It hurts and it makes us frustrated. Even when going thru a temporary failure and you know it is going to be alright.  Everything is ok, really it will be better, you still feel like a failure. I have found that I need to remind myself that maybe we were not supposed to work so hard for this or that.  Maybe it was in our path to teach us a lesson but it is ok to accept what feels like a failure and move forward.  This failure is TEMPORARY because God has the plan and he did not make us to fail.  We are suppose to mess up, make mistakes, get it wrong sometimes; then we remember he will show us how to fix it. Please understand I still praise God thru all storms and like to believe that I have 100% faith that everything will be ok in all situations.  I never doubt God being in control and in general do not stress over things not going quite right. However, my flesh likes to remind me that I can just simply mess us.  Now in our temporary failures, I do think it is important to reflect on what we did wrong (being honest, we did something wrong somewhere) and learn from the mistake. We should seek Gods direction and counsel of other Christian friends. We should not dwell on the temporary failure, as it is just that Temporary.  I would like to encourage everyone, including myself, to remember that our temporary failures are used for our future successes. Whatever it is you are putting all your effort into, please take a moment and look at it in the big picture, ask God is this what he really wants you to pursue then take the right steps.  I pray you all have a successful 2014 and remind yourself temporary failures do not make you, they are just stepping-stones along the path.



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