The Time is Now! — by Tim


I was recently on a plane headed to see my family in California. After a layover in L.A. CA, I was on the last flight to Sacramento CA and then I only had a two and a half hour drive to Redding, CA where my family lives. While on the second flight to Sacramento, a girl sitting next to me started up a conversation.  I was so tired all I wanted to do was sleep but that was not going to happen, she was a talker!  What I soon learned was amazing.

This girl drove right past my small town of Troy, MO that day and was also going to see her family for Christmas.  This girl lived where I often visited a close friend of mine and had been to many of the same places I had been in my life’s travels. The girl had even been to the same parts of Germany I was once in. Here is what I’m getting at. There are times when God sets up situations that you cannot deny His hand is in it. What happened next was crazy but first I have to give you a little back story.

Growing up, my older brother Chris and I fought like cats and dogs. Not normal sibling stuff either, we would have full on fist fights. I think I even broke his nose one time. Chris and I hardly ever talked after he moved out of Mom and Dad’s house when we were teenagers.  Time went on and I avoided him at all costs. Years later Chris started making efforts to mend our relationship but I wouldn’t have any part in it. Years went by avoiding him. A few years ago I was talking with a friend of mine about God and things I was learning and shared about my relationship with Chris. As soon as I told her, she said you need to call him and talk about it. My response was pretty simple “there is no way I’m calling him!”  A couple of months later I felt like God pushing me to call and forgive him.  So I caved after fighting the feeling. I called my brother and we had a Moment which I won’t share.  Family is so important. I am glad I did call him because after I did it was like a merchant ship was lifted off my shoulders. I am happy to say that I look forward to seeing my brother Chris any chance I get. Now let me finish the airplane story.

This girl eventually started talking about her family; I guess because after talking for an hour about everything we had in common she felt comfortable doing so. She said how cool it was that I was surprising my family and that she wished her family was like mine. So I asked what do you mean by that. She said “My family doesn’t talk to each other, well at least my Dad and Brother don’t talk to me and I wish they would.”  I just started laughing because I realized at that point why I was not getting any sleep on this flight which I needed.  God set it up. I started telling the story of Chris, how for years he would try and reconcile. So I told her  “…the time is now, you need to take action.  Call your brother and Dad even if they don’t respond make an effort and don’t give up.” She said, “You know what, you’re right.”  About that time, the plane was landing and we went our separate ways.

The time is now for you. God does crazy things. He put me in a plane with a person I really didn’t want to talk to because I was so tired, and look what happened.  I think as Christians we pray and ask God do this for me do that like he is a vending machine. I can honestly tell you if Chris had not been making an effort all those years I most likely would have never made that call. The actions that I saw leading up to that phone call is what made the phone call possible. Take actions, the time is now even if the result is years down the road.

From my family to yours forgiveness is possible and it changes everything!!from Iphone 387







From left to right  Jon, Me, Chris, Angela Overstreet







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