Love These Days — by Angel

Snow, Snow, Snow!!! Its everywhere!!!  It is beautiful to look at and so much fun to play in.  I love these days.  The day began with waking up withOUT an alarm clock 🙂  , yummy breakfast made by my hubby & daughter, a few chores around the house then outside to shovel the drive and have some snow fun.  We have a crazy driveway, 3 car drive is great but the 4 foot incline with a ton of snow, can be quite a challenge.  While shoveling the 2 car side, the 3rd car driveway becomes the sled zone.  These days are the best.  We go out as a family to shovel (Darin does most of this part), we all take turns sledding, building a snow man, snow angels and always end with a snowball fight; kids versus adults of course.

I know the peeps who really enjoy summer get annoyed with snow, but I encourage you to take a moment and just forget the to do list, forget the “have to get there, but can’t in this snow” issues.  Just stop and play.  Love these days, love every moment you can, especially if you have kids at home. It really is a fun way to connect with each other. Now we are all bundled up in front of the fireplace watching a movie.  I thank God for days like this.  Love these days!!!










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